Quality Control

Quality Control

Everrise deals with customers from different countries around the world, and different buyers have their own quality standards. Not only do quality standards vary, but safety regulations, and testing and certification requirements also vary by country.

First, all product specifications, technical details and other instructions should will be communicated via product & QC checklist documents. Our experienced sales representative will discuss with customer to ensure the product are proper designed, not only looking good, but also appliance with consumer safety and environmental safety. Reach from Eu, nickel free in metals are our basic rules

Warehouse quality control will be conducted to ensure all the raw materials like leather or buckles, to ensure materials are meeting the requirements of productions.

In line quality control is eliminating problems at their source by empowering workers to find and solve problems on a daily basis.

Final QC control is the last procedure to prevent the faulty goods been shipped. Two most experienced QC will conduct their checking according to AQL. Both of them are trained and reported directly to General Manager.